990 Snooping Sundays – Is Your Paycheck Safe?

This is the 5th of 10 articles on Sundays that look at the 990s to understand what is happening to nonprofits in general and give you some data for your own nonprofit. Today, the focus is on the ability of companies to make payroll. Is your next paycheck safe? I advocate for nonprofits to set… Read More

990 Snooping Sundays – Getting Paid More

No gossip column on 990s can omit the juicy topic of what we’re all getting paid. The 990 tracks highest paid compensation in two places – Part VII, Line 1d on the main form and also Schedule J (There are 16 additional schedules that can accompany the main form and sometimes this is where the… Read More

990 Snooping Sundays – Sleeping Assets

Are Your Assets Resting? Why would you buy a truck or a bus for your company and fail to use it?  Why would you hire a new accountant and fail to use her? We are supposed to buy fixed assets and employ people and get more money back than we spent. Nonprofits will focus on… Read More

Are You Reading the Wrong Financials?

If you’re out of cash, you’re not the first leader to have the experience. In 2010, the New York Metropolitan Opera ran out of cash. They were surprised. They had a balance sheet which was filled with rich things. They had a budget of $291 million. Here they were, humiliated and humbly asking singers to… Read More

High Quality is a Recipe for Failure

I live in a mixed income neighborhood. I was delighted when a new restaurant opened with a lounge style, creative tapas, and space for mingling. The staff were well dressed and professional. There was a waiter for every 3 tables! No more Joe the Bartender nights. It was worth twice the price 🙂   What… Read More

Are You Throwing Away Cash on Labor?

Summary: Kindheartedness can kill your business in less than 15 years if you are paying for staff or salaries that you don’t need.   Compensation is your biggest cost If your company is a nonprofit or service company, the biggest budget line is compensation. You only have one thing to offer the public – the… Read More