Wasting Money to Count Money?

I stopped rolling pennies to take to the bank. I realized that I can only fill, tape, and address a roll of 50 cents every five minutes. My maximum profit is $6.00 per hour and it’s cheaper to use the machine at the grocery store! Now the same process is happening at the school that… Read More

A Computer is About to Terminate Your Strategic Plan

Most strategic plans assume a static future where the basic costs and use of labor remain the same. That is a critically false assumption. Machine learning started in the 1990s. Anthony Goldbloom states that machines were trained to look at credit applications and determine a score. Since then the trend line was arithmetic but recently… Read More

You Choose – Discover Non Profit Theft or Prevent It

Summary Fraud is a persistent cancer in the non profit world. Local news in New York City reported another fraud of $1 million as the director redirected funds for his mortgage. Just as with other cancers, prevention is cheaper and easier than cure.   This cancer is much larger than officially reported. Many nonprofit boards… Read More

Does Your Non Profit Need a Strategic System or Strategic Plan?

A Story of Two NonProfits – When I started my first nonprofit, I bought a computer before I paid myself. That should have been a sign of trouble ahead. The truth is that I’m in love with systems. It was no trouble at all to set up systems for the nonprofit. I had enough credibility… Read More