990 Snooping – Revenue is Vanity, Income is Sanity, Cash is Cash

There are four long-term sources of financing for nonprofits – Fee for Service, Government Grants and Contracts, Donor Advised Funds, and Charitable Giving. The 990 does not make this information available easily. On Page 1, they blend charitable donations with government contracts*, Schedule B is a report of all donors over $5,000 and frequently that… Read More

990 Snooping – 990s Reveal Term Limits on ?

What is the effect of a long-term CEO and management team on a nonprofit? What is the effect of a board with relatively little turnover? The 990 reports the name and position of each board member and senior manager annually. Let’s compare the lists over a 4 year period (2013-2016). Unfortunately, the truth is a… Read More

990 Snooping Sundays – Is Your Paycheck Safe?

This is the 5th of 10 articles on Sundays that look at the 990s to understand what is happening to nonprofits in general and give you some data for your own nonprofit. Today, the focus is on the ability of companies to make payroll. Is your next paycheck safe? I advocate for nonprofits to set… Read More

990 Snooping Sundays – Sleeping Assets

Are Your Assets Resting? Why would you buy a truck or a bus for your company and fail to use it?  Why would you hire a new accountant and fail to use her? We are supposed to buy fixed assets and employ people and get more money back than we spent. Nonprofits will focus on… Read More

990 Snooping Sundays – 10% Surplus

I’m doing a 990 study. Each Sunday for 10 weeks, I will give out one insight for leaders. Most people ignore the 990 and its 16 additional schedules. Life is too short to do all that reading! Sustainability Let’s start with a critical number – Net Income or Surplus. To start a company, cash is… Read More

Getting Past Cash Problems When You Can’t Find 500 Donors to Give More

I’ve never been in a plane that ran out of fuel. Having fuel is such a critical part of travel but airlines plan carefully. I have never heard a pilot announce that we have to land in the wrong city because we need more jet fuel. Non profits are having more and more trouble with… Read More

10 Ideas to Make A Business Without Money

People tell me that they don’t plan because they have no money. They ask, ‘Why plan if I have no money?’  I normally respond, ‘How do you know that you need money until you plan?’ People don’t like the challenge of planning before finding money. Too many people think that they need money — to… Read More

Are Your Employees Wrecking Your Company?

President Obama said in a recent interview on Face the Nation that the most critical quality for a good President is to form an effective team because the job is simply too big without great support (7/24/2016). His comment is actually the Key Performance Indicator for anybody who is leading a company. Your job is… Read More

The Joy and Pain of Being a Victim

Introduction Unlike banks, large nonprofits are failing. And they seem to do it in a sudden dramatic way. The Community Services Society investigated the collapse (November, 2014) of FEGS (Federated Employment and Guidance Service), a large non profit in New York City with revenues of $250 million. (1) Their report reminds us that government doesn’t  pay… Read More