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Leaders are often nervous to consider Coaching or consulting. What if it doesn't work? TurnAround Coaching has site information and a guarantee
consulting and coaching choices

Right size your leadership coaching choices with 2 options. Choosing less than you need is risky. Choosing more than your time available is like eating a feast in 15 minutes.

Most people look at price but the real cost of coaching is the investment of leadership time and energy.

Scaling Up Leadership Coaching

(Platinum, Gold)

Leadership Coaching Choices — TurnAround NonProfit Coaching offers annual coaching contracts for your leadership team and Board of Directors.

Gold and Platinum Leadership Coaching Choices are only for determined leadership teams that can commit the time. So Make a list of frustrations to solve. Then establish your time and cash budgets, Finally, choose a link to see the minimum requirements, investment costs, and value offered at each level of membership.  

Platinum Leadership

Premium leadership coaching package for agencies with revenue at $5+ million and at least five executives ready to do strategy work.

Gold Leadership

Full leadership coaching package for agencies with revenue at $4+ million and at least four executives ready to do strategy work.

Ron noticed times when I was struggling to get the BHAG in alignment with my vision for the company; he made necessary space to work that out. I mention this because an irreplaceable skill Ron has is reading his mentees and knowing when it is time to check in.

VanNessa Duckett – President, Polite Piggy’s Day Camp

consulting and coaching choices
consulting and coaching choices

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