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Executive Coaching and Consulting for stressed or stretched nonprofit leaders!
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 Coaching Consulting NonProfit Leaders — What is Frustrating Your Leadership?

Many nonprofit leaders who call Dr. Ron Tompkins are Outsider Directors. They didn’t grow up in a home where they could watch adults with leadership jobs. Now they are promoted and anxious. Or worried about questions at the next board meeting. They are envious of the tacit knowledge shown by other leaders who got the MBA early and were born to leadership. 

If these problems keep you up at night, why not hire expert leadership backed up by 250 other coaches? We know more than your mother did about leadership and we’re ready to coach your team to success.

Consulting Coaching NonProfits
Coaching Consulting NonProfit Leaders


Scaling Up Coaching Uses the TurnAround Performance Platform


Transparency increases peer accountability. The TurnAround Performance Platform brings together staff data, client data, weekly Smart Actions for every manager, annual, and 3-Year plans. With weekly meetings to report progress, your team gets on the same page with 10x results!


The Four Decisions of Scaling Up

Consulting Coaching NonProfits



Strategic Planning is disciplined work

Unfortunately, most plans are dreams instead of plans. The objectives never get together to complete the Plan.  Strategic Coaching guides you to create a winning game and a durable plan within the first quarter, a quick win in 2nd quarter and a financing plan to make it all work.

Consulting Coaching NonProfits
Coaching Consulting NonProfit Leaders

Flawless Execution

Leaders spend most of their time working on repairs of problems created by staff errors. Coaching restores time for leadership.  Flawless Execution Coaching empowers leaders to return to leading as employees focus on excellence in their own critical tasks. 

Abundant Cash is the fuel of your agency

If your economic engine is not working, then a crash is highly likely. It’s the most urgent of the Four Decisions!

Coaching Consulting NonProfit Leaders
Coaching Consulting NonProfit Leaders

Cash Coaching helps you decide:
*How much cash has to be kept on hand?  

*What is the Maximum $ limit for payroll?
*11 hidden pockets of cash in the first quarter of coaching

Right People Right Things

Right People is the most important Decision

Companies waste cash and can’t execute good strategies if they don’t have the Right People Decision. Over time, people and jobs change and get mismatched. People Coaching has tools to review tasks, talent, retention, and turnover.  You will get a team of people that you would enthusiastically rehire! 

TurnAround Now!

Most leaders who talk with me have tried consulting and planning that failed. They put in a lot of time, wrote a big strategic plan, then went back to work and nothing changed. Turn things around right now with a phone call to 646 824 4647 or an appointment below. It costs nothing but your time to learn more.

The TurnAround Performance Platform is a radically different approach that ties the 4 Decisions together in a way that produces success every week. Coaching Consulting NonProfit Leaders!

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Consulting Coaching NonProfits
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