Why You Are Frustrated as a NonProfit Leader

If you lead a nonprofit, you already succeed at a harder job than your friend Susan who directs a forprofit company (ABC Motors) of similar size! You may notice that you have unique pressures that Susan does not face at ABC Motors. She seems to have more cash and less regulation while you try to… Read More

Is work in July for Problems or Plans? Choose with the Rockefeller Habits

Many nonprofit leaders face an unending mountain of tasks with no clear path to a better life and leadership. I managed the chaos — by Mastering the Rockefeller Habits. Capital One Bank has graciously agreed to host so its free for you. June 20 at 8:30am – 10:30am at 320 Park Avenue. Write me at… Read More

Drinking From an Atlanta Firehose

Why There Are Summits Verne Harnish collects thought leaders twice a year to help businesses and nonprofits who want to grow. Scaling Up philosophy is that to 10X your business, you have to 10X your people. And to 10X your people, you have to 10X yourself. Summits are two days of nonstop quality ideas –… Read More

52 Best Nonprofit eBooks of All Time

I particularly recommend Nonprofit Sustainability: Making Strategic Decisions for Financial Viability Nonprofits are just a special version of all companies. It takes resources to do things. The activity needs to generate more resources so that more can be done.  There has to be a sustainable plan. https://bookauthority.org/books/best-nonprofit-ebooks The other 51 – let me know if… Read More

ScaleUp Energy in Denver

Are you turning around a difficult situation? It’s lonely. That’s why we all gather twice a year who are gathered in this business to hear stories of success and to share our struggles. It’s not an easy event because so many thought leaders are onstage with great ideas. Tom Peters was a speaker in May.… Read More

Are Your Employees Wrecking Your Company?

President Obama said in a recent interview on Face the Nation that the most critical quality for a good President is to form an effective team because the job is simply too big without great support (7/24/2016). His comment is actually the Key Performance Indicator for anybody who is leading a company. Your job is… Read More

Your Company is Richer Than You Think!

We all look at our financials to determine how the company is performing. The problem with your financials is that they were invented in 1494 by Luca Pacioli (improving the Babylonian system of 5000 BC. Would you not agree that an update is necessary? The current financial system is oriented towards manufacturing. In 1995, service… Read More