Merger and Acquisition Territory

Exactly 10 years ago as I write, I applied for a Vice President position at Edwin Gould. I just checked the cover letter and it was a masterpiece. Of course, one reason that I’m writing this is that I was rejected. No one could have known that Edwin Gould would be acquired by the former… Read More

990 Snooping – 990s Reveal Term Limits on ?

What is the effect of a long-term CEO and management team on a nonprofit? What is the effect of a board with relatively little turnover? The 990 reports the name and position of each board member and senior manager annually. Let’s compare the lists over a 4 year period (2013-2016). Unfortunately, the truth is a… Read More

990 Snooping Sundays – How to Avoid Bad Boards of Directors

All 990s report on Board Members and Managers. When you join a board, the risk is to avoid one that is stuck or failing. The 990 information is a springboard to other sources and patterns emerge of the best boards – and the worst!   What is the worst number of directors for a healthy nonprofit?… Read More