I have been acquainted with Dr. Ronald Tompkins currently living and working in New York City, US for the past 8 years in my capacity starting from stranger to my close consultant. He and I have been through many works and experience sharing since then.
Back to last 5 years, we have worked for a 2-years project in Phnom Penh. He is very loyal and independent which led to very successful work output. His management was not only beneficial to an organization but to everyone. More than work, he was somehow likely good consultant to everyone. His plenty of involvement in most fields at work was simplifying flows of work. With full of smile, he was very helpful to urge and encourage to move to the peak and achieve success. In addition, he is very keen to open to everyone for any new ideas and innovation in order to be discussed during work and meeting.
With tons of experience, he has his own profession in business. Working in 82nd Street Academics, I am sure he is powerful to share all business concept and principle.