Mallory Tompkins, 82nd Street Academics

If cash is your concern, whether it be managing it, using it, or finding it, TAConsulting is a resource for you. You’ll find an approach that includes strategic and creative thinking for the specific problems plaguing your company.

Josue Bastidas, Regional Association of Students and Professionals

The tools provided by Dr. Ronald Tompkins were delivered with clarity and ease of implementation in our growing non-profit. Dr. Tompkins was able to increase our team engagement, maintained great patience with our team, helping us see the bigger picture and to establish steps we deemed important to grow our organization. Truthfully, Dr. Tompkins never… Read More

Kevin Oro-Hahn

Ronald combines conceptual insights about strategy, management and organizational development together with the practical insights that can only come from having implemented them in the real world. I’ve admired his impressive steady progress at 82nd Street Academics, where it seems he has built something of genuinely lasting value. He would be a great resource for… Read More

Omar Almanzar-Paramio

I’ve work closely with Ron and I’ve seen him grow 82nd Street Academics since 2005 into an asset to the Jackson Heights community. The after-school enrichment programs, the focus on dual language, and the accessibility for lower income families with UPK all demonstrate Ron and the school’s message of preparing kids for college.

Sivansak Ney

I have been acquainted with Dr. Ronald Tompkins currently living and working in New York City, US for the past 8 years in my capacity starting from stranger to my close consultant. He and I have been through many works and experience sharing since then. Back to last 5 years, we have worked for a… Read More