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Coaching partnerships are art as well as science. Since we operate with two coaches, our capacity for new clients is low. The first interview is the disclosure of our values as well as understanding your roadblocks.

Who is a Great Client Match?

At TurnAround, we want to co-architect sustainable and resilient social sector agencies through the 3rd year that lift the creative spirit or promote fairness. These include those who protect human rights, organizations led by women and persons of color, LGBTQI leaders, and organizations working with immigrants.

Our Coaching Values

  1. Diversity – Solves intractable problems and brings joy to the human experience. We reject recent appeals to America first and intolerance of diversity.
  2. Cutting Edge – Resiliency is not found in the middle. Nonprofits need coaching as much as the Yankees do!
  3. Empower – Vocabulary unlocks dreams and energy to win. Paulo Freire was right!
  4. Lifetime Learning – Always carry a book so you don’t look so damned stupid. None of us are smart enough to lead our companies as they will be a year from now.
  5. Team-Based Solutions – Teams turn today into growth tomorrow. We’re not impressed by stars.
  6. Chaos Control – Chaos is weaker than plans. We help you create systems with the Scaling Up Performance Platform and follow them.

Why There Are Summits

Verne Harnish collects thought leaders twice a year to help businesses and nonprofits who want to grow. Scaling Up philosophy is that to 10X your business, you have to 10X your people. And to 10X your people, you have to 10X yourself. Summits are two days of nonstop quality ideas – like getting a drink from a high-pressure hose. One company brings along a secretary just to take 25 pages of notes to review afterward.

Speakers/ Thought Leaders At Atlanta Summit May 21-22
The Atlanta Summit May 21-22

Scaling Up Summits and Coaching are an investment of time and money with the promise that your nonprofit will get tools to grow.


There is also a cheap approach to the firehose if you’re not sure. Buy the books now that Summit speakers have written and you’ll be convinced of the value.

Reading is a Cheap Way to Drink at the Firehose

I have started to read a book a week to get ready.

Last week, I read a book from one of the Summit speakers who will be in Atlanta in May. Mariya Yao wrote ‘Applied Artificial Intelligence – A Handbook for Business Leaders.’ It’s an easy read and gets leaders up to speed on using Artificial Intelligence in your nonprofit. (Spoiler Alert – you are already using weak artificial intelligence, so you have started!)

I’ve been scared of Artificial Intelligence because it sounds expensive. It sounds like new software ($$$) and new staff to understand the software ($$$) with me to raise the money ($$$$)

Mariya begins with the cheapest of ideas -what do you want to know? Artificial intelligence starts with the intelligence of leaders! Who knew? I actually brought managers together last Thursday to ask that question. What a great session as people gave different ideas as to why the school is so successful. I made a tool to guide our discussion. Email me if you want to try something with your team and I’ll send a copy.

Join Me in Atlanta, Invest in Future

Join me in Atlanta after you read a book and see what you’ll will get. Invite board members too. We’ll have a late night session Tuesday night to meet and review the day. Text me before you register because there is a nonprofit rate.

Keep reading for scaling!