It’s been a great year and I’m thankful. I’m leading the Social Sector work for the Gazelles Coaching organization and I’m busy with coaching and nonprofit leadership.

Giving Tuesday is December 3rd and I have a quiet schedule around the holidays. So I have a Giving Tuesday gift for your nonprofit team!

Does your nonprofit leadership team have the success that you deserve?  I’ll give two hours of free coaching plus prep to 5 nonprofits between December 15 and January 15. All that you need is a leadership team of 5-15 people to qualify, a problem and indicate your interest below.

  • Are you are getting pummeled with the burden of security clearances?
  • Angered by inadequate contract funding for raises in minimum wage?
  • Worried about national declines in charitable giving?

Most consultants are helpful with fundraising, program logic model, etc.  but I use a proven framework to empower your struggle for agency sustainability:

What does my coaching offer?

Coaching focuses Talent
  • I review three years of your 990 report before the call
  • Your team completes an online assessment that will give you a 20 page report
  • I conference with your team using Zoom
  • We’ll review the report in the first hour so that you see priority areas of improvement in four decision areas – People, Strategy, Execution, and Cash
  • Questions from your team in the second hour
Great players use coaches to organize the plays

Apply at the link below.  I’m not superman so two hours doesn’t solve all problems but the Assessment report alone will have some gold nuggets that you can share with your Board of Directors.

At the end of the coaching time, I’ll ask if you want me to call back a week later to see if you find coaching useful and if you want to be on my email list. There is no obligation.

Coaching empowers discipline and rhythm for wins

PS. Apply now! This will be my only Giving Tuesday email so do it now while you’re thinking about this 😊

I hope Giving Tuesday solves a lot of problems for your agency. Maybe my offer is one of your new resources!

Kind regards.

Ronald Dale Tompkins
NonProfit Coach


Why wait if you’re ready to start? Apply for the two hour Giving Tuesday Coaching Offer in December!



Next, here are 4 free sample tools to download and start your TurnAround. You may discover

  • Key jobs that no one is assigned to do
  • Long range dreams that are not connected to current activities
  • Growth plans with no idea of how to get the cash needed to grow.

I have 100 of these tools available separately. Hiring a business coach is like building a house. Engage a good contractor and they bring many tools that they are ready to use if necessary to make a wonderful home.


Right People Right Things

People –  Who is responsible for these 11 key roles? Make sure all necessary responsibilities have an owner!


Strategy – Define your market and plan 3-5 year targets. These are the chess moves that decide whether you ever meet your great future.Strategy


Flawless ExecutionExecution – Define your annual and quarterly plan to put Strategy into action. Don’t waste leadership time on unneeded activity.


Cash – Use this tool to make sure that you have cash for all your plansCash


Watch as Steve fits it all together (possibly a coach helped!) While Steve has a for-profit company, there is a universal need for the 4 Decisions in nonprofits too.

  • Right People * 10 Dimensional Strategy * Flawless Execution * Sufficient Cash

The tools on this page are in the public domain and provided by Scaling Up. They are also in the text below.

Harnish, Verne. Scaling Up: How a Few Companies Make It…and Why the Rest Don’t (Rockefeller Habits 2.0) . Gazelles, Inc.. Asburn VA: 2014.

As a nonprofit leader, add critical nonprofit skills with checklists and illustrations from my book – ‘Doing Bad at Doing Good – Nonprofit Secrets Buried in the 990'