Our Values and Promises - TurnAround Executive Coaching

Who is a great client match?

I want you to know how we go about coaching. Here is how we want to work with you and our promises to clients!

Our Mission –

  • To co-architect good companies’ strategic plans through the 3rd year with leaders who lift the creative spirit or promote fairness

Our Values

    • Chaos Control –  Chaos is weaker than your plans
    • Lifetime Learning – You need to be smarter to have your job next year
    • Team-Based Solutions – Your team can turn troubles today into growth tomorrow
    • Empower – You know your work. Coaching offers questions to unlock the power of your dreams and energy to win
    • Diversity – Diversity solves intractable problems and brings joy to the human experience
    • Cutting Edge – Your resiliency is not found in the middle

Our Promise to You 

    • 2-4% Annual Surplus for nonprofit or 10% for private company
    • 4 Payrolls in the bank
    • 2 days per week free for CEO to lead and plan
    • Measurable progress on Social Goals

Our Annual Appraisal of Coaching Success 

    • Client accomplished a 3-5 year goal
    • 2-4% sustainable annual surplus
    • 2 Days Per Week of Leadership Strategy
    • 4 Payrolls in the bank
    • Personnel Exits Reduced in Year 2+
    • $5+ million in Revenue in 3-5 year plan
    • Gross Margin stable or improved
    • Labor Efficiency Ratio 2.1 or Above
    • Management Efficiency Ratio Decrease
    • Positive Employee NPS Scores
    • Coach Chemistry
    • Meeting Rhythm Established
    • One Page Strategic Plan complete and updated
    • Priority Balance Established and Measured
    • 7 Strata in Operation
    • Data Collection Established and Operating
    • Measurable Social Impact
    • 3 Key Processes Identified and Blueprinted
    • 5 Rockefeller Habits in Place
    • Effective Board in Strategy
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