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Frequently Asked Questions since most NonProfit leaders are more familiar with Consulting Advice than Coaching Results
When are coaches needed?
  • Do You Have Shrinking Cash? – The revenue ceiling stays stubbornly and painfully low. This is a prime situation for coaching to make sure that the company thrives and staff get paid fairly.
  • Do You Have a Dream and You’re Determined? — Think of sports. Why do they need coaches? They already have a team captain or quarterback. The coach doesn’t even play in the game! They bring in a coach when they plan to play to win.
  • Are You Talented and Frustrated? – Coaches are brought in when effective leaders are stuck in bad circumstances. You have tried for 2 years to build a nonprofit with sustainability and the deficit won’t allow another year without turning it around. I’ve been there and survived and you can too.

Why would Nonprofits be like football teams and use coaches?

Nonprofits need coaching more than for-profit corporations. They face pressures just like football

  • They face the same pressures as for-profits to have cash for payroll
  • They have fewer opportunities to borrow money
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  • Government often pays late
  • Government contracts assume that competent managers don’t need competitive salaries
  • Many nonprofits between $1-6 million in revenue are in a Valley of Death where the compliance costs are greater than they can afford
  • Gifts under $500 are shrinking under new tax laws
  • Sustainability requires both board and management involvement. The coach sets a healthy process and reporting system from the 4D planning model (Driver, Demands, Disciplines, Decisions)
Consulting or Coaching?

There are many consultants and many planning systems but my coaching offer is to promise results.

I stay with most clients for 3 years. I become a trusted confidante — providing a peer-to-peer sounding board. I act as the co-architect in the creation of a scalable action plan designed to act ASAP. I work with you to develop a team that quickly increases cash and profitability, reduces duplication of efforts, and positions your company as a central leader in its niche area.

The results of a Scaling Up nonprofit are 4 payrolls in the bank, 2-4% annual surplus, measurable success in mission, and 1 day per week where the CEO is free for leadership and planning.

As in sports, the coach is indispensable to sustainability if this is what your leadership wants.

Risky to hire a coach? We never tried it before!

Very true. My guarantee is to offer a Risk Free Coaching Engagement plan. After you choose the level of membership, try coaching! Pay the invoice and we keep going or pay what you think it was worth and we part friends.

Other one-time consulting engagements are also possible.

It’s also true that TurnAround Coaching is not for everyone. Check alternatives here

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