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Resources for NonProfit planning in addition to the Turnaround Performance Platform

Nonprofit Planning resources are too plentiful.

As long as you have a phone and ring light —- how can you tell what is best for your nonprofit?

Coaching is a rigorous alternative for leaders determined to have a great impact and leave a legacy. Check some alternatives and contact me to see if coaching is the best choice

Nonprofit planning resources are here. If TurnAround Coaching is still the best fit, use the form at the bottom of the page

Nonprofit planning resources are plentiful — but only TurnAround Coaching offers a Platform of Planning+Execution. This 10x leadership teams/Boards that are frustrated by the dominance of established agencies, or impatient with their pace in getting the impact that they deserve, or are anxious about the retirement of a long serving leader or founder.

Is your agency ready for membership in Scaling Up?

  • Is your leadership team frustrated with things remaining the way that they are?
  • Have you attempted to build a strategic plan or business plan and experienced issues?
  • Does your leadership team try to keep learning?
  • Is the Executive Director ready to be a prime mover to implement decisions made in planning sessions?
  • Is the Board of Directors trying to understand it’s role in strategy and risk management?


If the answer is ‘no,’ the reason is often that your agency is still too small to devote enough time to planning. Small agencies often have Operating Boards of Directors that are involved in program services. Consider other choices below

Facebook Groups

NonProfit Connection

Nonprofit Resources

Nonprofit Commons

Nonprofit Networking

NonProfit Management Circle

NonProfit Professionals Exchange

National or Regional Resource Centers

Alliance for NonProfit Management

to expand and diversify the field of capacity building and build a movement that centers equity and inclusion in nonprofits and communities to help them achieve social change.


A leading social impact consultant and advisor to nonprofits and NGOs, philanthropists, and investors

CharitySTRONG – charitySTRONG will help nonprofits build strong and diverse boards of directors

CompassPoint – We help leaders, nonprofit organizations, and movements committed to social justice realize their full power.

Foundation Center – promotes public access to information and services through its web site 

Independent Sector advocates on behalf of and provides educational services to the nonprofit sector.

National Center on Nonprofit Enterprise – Brings ideas from economics and strategic management to the specific application of issues faced by social purpose organizations

National Council of NonProfits – easy way to find more resources in your state (in USA)

New York Council of Nonprofits

Helps New York’s nonprofits to build their capacity for growth and community impact

NonProfit Academic Centers Council

NonProfit New York – provides training, education, resources, and cost savings benefits to increase the effective management of nonprofits. 

Nonprofit Quarterly leading edge content on management, governance, and civil society.

NonProfit Risk Management Center – We offer fresh, custom advice and implementation support to help nonprofit leaders evolve their risk management capabilities.

NonProfit Times

NonProfit Pro – For thought leaders and innovators in the nonprofit world

Social Enterprise Alliance – Creating a new equitable economic norm by catalyzing social enterprises in the U.S. to grow their revenue and their impact.

Stanford Social Innovation Review (SSIR) – an award-winning magazine and website that covers cross-sector solutions to global problems.

Society for NonProfits –

The Balance Small Business – Getting started

Urban Institute – maintains extensive databases of information on the not-for-profit sector.

These resources are temporary because most leadership teams need more than a book to read or site to review. We could all be doctors if it was as simple as reading 10 books on medicine.

What About Consulting?

Consultants have flooded the market. Anyone with a camera and a Zoom account can now be a consultant. How is TurnAround Coaching and Consulting different from traditional consulting?

  • Great consultants do excellent analysis but great coaches stay to co-architect the recommended changes after the report is prepared.
  • Great consultants teach content in a short time while a great coach promises results over a 1-3 year period
  • Great consultants specialize in one mechanism such as fund-raising or board development while a great coach is focused on agency financial sustainability and social impact

Raiser Sharp Consulting – a religious-led organization providing Fundraising, Strategic Planning, Board Development and Social Media services to nonprofits and Christian ministries

Supporting World Hope – I help nonprofits and small businesses build relationships that increases revenue.

Slidebooks Consulting – “World’s best business and consulting toolkits’


Move as soon as you can into the next level of development with coaching.

While the other choices listed are fine, only TurnAround Social Sector Coaching promises results and works with you to match the resources for great ideas in Strategy with tools for Right People, Flawless Execution, and Abundant Cash.

If you have read this far and didn’t say “NO”, then I invite you to invest more time and see what might happen for your agency if you say “YES”.  Press to Continue

Please let me know if you would like a site to be added. We reject any links related to anti-lgbtqi, anti-critical theory, or anti-immigrant resources

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