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Overworked Pioneer NonProfit leaders need to use planning time wisely. This thought-starter membership may set your direction!
nonprofit training

Sapphire members direct small nonprofits and have few places where they share the burdens of leadership. The 12 events discuss topics and members interact with each other.

There are many Nonprofit workshops and certificates, but only TurnAround Coaching and Consulting offers an introduction to a planning system. The TurnAround Performance Platform in the modules for larger NonProfits is built on the Gems Foundation (Ruby, and the Sapphire offer here).

As your NonProfit scales, you have already used a framework that is used by all sorts of companies up to a billion dollars in revenue.

NonProfit Startup training begins with determined Directors who are overworked and have very limited time. The Sapphire membership is only 12 events. See if a year at this level builds success.

nonprofit training

Coach-led Program Activities

  1. 12 one-hour nonprofit training events on the 4 Decisions TurnAround Tools (Held on the 1st Wednesday of every month unless noted on the Annual Schedule)
    1. Right People
      1. Talent Assessment Tool
      2. B,C Level Staff Development Tool
      3. Labor Efficiency Ratio Tool
      4. Network Assessment Tool
    2. Sustainable Strategy
      1. One Page Strategic Plan
      2. Social Benefit Tool
      3. Sandbox Tool
    3. Flawless Execution
      1. Rockefeller Habits Tool
      2. 13 Points of Success Tool
    4. Abundant Cash
      1. Capital Structure Tool
      2. Cash Reserve Tool
      3. 18 Sources of NonProfit Cash Tool for the 1st 90 days
nonprofit training

Tools and Partners

nonprofit training


  • Risk free trial  1st session, then pay $199 annual membership + $99 per any month of use per person. Stop any time.
  • Transferrable – Any member of the Leadership Team or Board Member can use the seat.
  • Group Rate – 5th – 8th seats are free
  • Sapphire membership is easy to explain to a Board of Directors because you experience the value before you paid anything

Scaling Up Pedagogy

Sapphire Startup NonProfit Training Membership

nonprofit startup training

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