High Value NonProfit Gold Membership

Gold Membership is the most popular because it has 75 hybrid coaching hours -- half of the meetings are virtual and half in-person.
High Value NonProfit Gold Coaching

TurnAround Coaching and Consulting has had 3 years of Virtual and Hybrid meetings. Our media package is well developed for the two virtual quarterly meetings in this plan. We highly recommend at least two in-person meetings because those meetings have the highest creative energy for planning

There are many Nonprofit workshops and certificates, but only TurnAround Coaching and Consulting offers a planning system.

The center of TurnAround NonProfit Coaching is the TurnAround NonProfit Performance Platform

As your NonProfit scales, you have a framework that is used by all sorts of companies up to a billion dollars in revenue.

Determined leaders appreciate High Value NonProfit Gold Coaching. We use hybrid virtual and in-person meetings to maintain faster coaching communication with Board and Management

Gold Membership Requirements

  • Is your leadership team committed to 2X impact in five years?
  • Do you have at least 4 leaders interested in strategy discussions?
  • Is your leadership team ready to commit 4 hours per week in learning, planning and execution?  Those hours include:
    • 4 quarterly daylong (including annual 2 day) meetings – 40 hours
    • 44 weekly meetings of 90 minutes – 66 hours
    • 176 daily meetings of 15 minutes – 44 hours
    • 15 minutes daily for work in the Scaling Up Performance Platform – 55 hours
  • Will the Executive Director accept accountability to hold all team members to whatever commitments they have made in planning?
  • Is the Executive Director ready to commit at least 25 additional hours this year?
    • 20 virtual meetings with coach of 1 hour each – 20 hours
    • 1 meeting before each in-person quarterly planning day with coach of 2 hours each – 4 hours
  • Is your board prepared for meaningful strategic review?
    • 4 meetings (1 in-person) with coach each year of 1 hour each  (2 hours annual) – 5 hours
  • Is the total revenue of your agency at $4 million or more?
  • Do you have the budget for Gold Level Coaching? The cost is $38,000 ($34,000+travel) per year or 1% of annual revenue up to $60,000 (whichever is greater).

Six Coach-led Program Activities

Team Events

  • Foundations sixteen-hour, two-day, in-person professional development and planning session with the Leadership Team
  • 2 Quarterly eight-hour, virtual professional development, review and planning sessions with the Leadership Team
    • 1 Quarterly eight-hour, in-person professional development, review of 3-Year Targets, Assumptions, Changed environment and planning sessions with the Leadership Team

Board Events

  • Two-hour in-person session with the Board of Directors
  • 3 one-hour virtual quarterly follow-up sessions with the Board of Directors

Executive Director Events

  • 20 one-hour coaching sessions with the Executive Director or others to answer questions and support the Leadership Team
  • Availability to the Executive Director for review of sudden events that need to be integrated into the Execution tools.  

Tools and Partners

  • TurnAround NonProfit Performance Platform Excel-based Software
  • Curated Access to all listed TurnAround Coaching tools in all Modules
  • Optional online courses at the Scaling Up Growth Institute at extra cost
  • Referral partners in Accounting, Marketing, and Human Resources if your agency has additional needs at extra cost
  • Curated book recommendation in each iteration of a module for additional skill development. These choices are made with the client and can be from any of the modules listed below
High Value NonProfit Gold Coaching

Scaling Up Pedagogy

  • 1 External Driver –Coach-based Scaling Up Performance Platform
  • 2 Two Demands –
    • Results
    • Process – Successful strategy always has a tension between getting things done and processes that are repeatable.
  • 3 Disciplines –
    • 1 priority
    • Collect relevant data regularly
    • 5 beat communication rhythm (Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, & annual meetings)
  • 4 Critical Decisions –
    • Right People
    • Sustainable Strategy
    • Flawless Execution
    • Abundant Cash

Gold Promised Results

  • Positive Net Income and stability for payroll in 1st full fiscal year
  • 2 hours daily planning time freed for Executive Director in 2nd full fiscal year and fair salaries
  • Measurable Social Impact in 3rd full fiscal year


  • Risk free eighteen-hour Foundations events with Leadership Team and Board of Directors.
  • Pay 1st invoice for $12,500 after the event or only travel and the amount considered fair by the client and the annual contract is cancelled.
  • The annual contract can also be cancelled with 30 days notice. The fee paid for the last month of service will be refunded.

At TurnAround NonProfit Coaching, we only work with clients where we identify with your Mission and Core Values. We are committed to your success

High Value NonProfit Gold Coaching

How it Works

Since every agency is unique, the initial year of coaching program begins with an analysis and then the Foundation two-day event (Sustainable Strategy Module – One Page Strategic Plan). The following quarterly strategic sessions and regular coach availability for the Executive Director are tailored to your priorities. We co-architect solutions that address the frustration that drove you to seek coaching.

High Value NonProfit Gold Coaching


High Value NonProfit Gold Coaching incorporates Scaling Up and other original tools to 10x diagnosis, decision, communication, and accountability. The heart of the coaching relationship is the TurnAround NonProfit Performance Platform. Since 250 coaches are working with each other, the toolset continues to evolve.

High Value NonProfit Gold Coaching
Ron Tompkins and Verne Harnish – Dallas Spring 2022

Ronald combines conceptual insights about strategy, management and organizational development together with the practical insights that can only come from having implemented them in the real world. ….He would be a great resource for any nonprofit looking to more effectively do good.

Kevin Oro-Hahn – Saddle Point Management

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