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Highly self-disciplined leaders will absorb this toolset and apply it in their agency.
Best NonProfit Leadership Workshop

Agencies grow when they add unique value. This toolset is the Best NonProfit Leadership Workshop–intellectual property to empower your whole agency.

There are many Nonprofit workshops and certificates, but only TurnAround Coaching and Consulting offers an introduction to a planning system.

The TurnAround Performance Platform in the modules for larger NonProfits is built on the Gems Foundation (Sapphire, and the Ruby offer here).

As your NonProfit agency scales, you have already used a framework that is used by all sorts of companies up to a billion dollars in revenue.

Highly self-disciplined leaders will absorb this toolset and apply it in their agency. They will discuss tools with peers online who share the presentation and get their agency and Board of Directors solidly on the way to 10X in sustainability and impact.

nonprofit workshop
Best NonProfit Leadership Workshop

Coach-led Program Activities

  1. 24 one-hour Wednesday teaching events on the following TurnAround Tools
    1. Environment
      1. Weak Signals Tool
      2. Marketing Map 250 Tool
    2. Core
      1. One Page Strategic Plan
      2. Core Values Tool
      3. Profit Per X, Impact Per Y Tool
      4. Board/Staff Partnership Tool
      5. Brand Promise Tool
    3. Right People
      1. Talent Assessment Tool
      2. Labor Efficiency Ratio Tool
      3. Network Assessment Tool
      4. B,C Level Staff Development Tool
    4. Sustainable Strategy
      1. Intellectual Property Tool
      2. Social Benefit Tool
      3. Sandbox Tool
    5. Flawless Execution
      1. Rockefeller Habits Tool
      2. 14 Key NonProfit Processes Tool
      3. 13 Points of Success Tool
      4. Data Capture Tool
    6. Abundant Cash
      1. Capital Structure Tool
      2. Cash Reserve Tool
      3. 18 Sources of NonProfit Cash Tool
    7. Board
      1. 13 Key Numbers
      2. Testing Three-Year Strategy
      3. Management Discussion and Analysis Tool

Best NonProfit Leadership Workshop

Tools and Partners

24 Tools presented at Wednesday Workshops, to participate in Best NonProfit Leadership Workshop

Additional learning twice a year at Scaling Up Summits (Discounted Tuition)

Optional online courses at the Scaling Up Growth Institute at extra cost

Referral partners in Accounting, Marketing, and Human Resources if your agency has additional needs at extra cost

Best NonProfit Leadership Workshop


  • Risk free trial  1st session, then pay $495 annual agency membership +
  • $198 per any month of use per person.
  • Transferrable – Any member of the Leadership Team or Board Member can use the seat.
  • Completion of 24 Tools earns the Certificate of Resilient NonProfit Management

Ruby Membership -Best NonProfit Leadership Workshop

nonprofit workshop
nonprofit workshop

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