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There are many versions of the DISC model, but only the Extended DISC model graphically compares energy levels.

TurnAround NonProfit Coaching uses the Extended DISC HR Solutions tool. There are many versions of the DISC model, but only the Extended DISC model graphically compares energy levels. It determines your natural style on a 40-facet diamond and draws a line to amount of energy required for your job behaviors. Click the Extended DISC logo below for a longer explanation of DISC

Are you frustrated with staff selection, development, and conflict resolution?Develop qualified staff with DiSC –

Will a candidate like the job?

How can staff manage conflict to build an effective team?

How can I understand co-workers better and communicate effectively?

Which behaviors would help our organizations grow to the next level?

Conflict Resolution

DISC HR Solutions – Is your leadership team stalled with unexpected conflict at times? Are you frustrated by comments such as “It’s just who s/he is”?

Those are legitimate feelings but DISC analysis is a way to label, think about, and discuss common work behaviors. The coach facilitates a group discussion about a stuck issue with some insights from Cognitive Group Behaviors.

You don’t need perfect harmony for an effective leadership team. You can now understand the preferred work behaviors of others. Develop qualified staff with DiSC and process difficult issues with these insights.

Hiring Support

Hiring the Right People is the first of the famous 4 Decisions in Scaling Up and the most important decision over 3 years! With the coach, you design the job behaviors for any position. There are 2,000 behaviors from which to choose. The coach will analyze the job candidate and compare their natural style to energy for behaviors that the job requires. Develop qualified staff with DiSC!

Why does this help? We all have tasks in our work that we don’t like, but we have to do them. However, a candidate who needs to force themselves daily in order to meet the job requirements will be a short-term employee.

Candidates may be trained for a job. They may have some experience for the job. But you need to know if they will have the natural energy for the job. Extended DISC HR Solutions Coaching is the answer.

DISC HR Solutions

10x Personal Leadership Capacity

Let’s graph your leadership style and compare with the team. Leaders are often proud of their style. That’s great and often helps you on the job. But there are times when your natural style can be your greatest barrier to success. What intentional changes in behavior do you need to lead more effectively? Extended DISC coaching increases your leadership capacity.

DISC HR Solutions

Organizational Development

Let’s look at the entire team and graph their natural styles. The team will learn which behaviors are over-used in leading the company. A discussion can start about which behaviors will be most effective for work with partners. Extended DISC will make your team more effective in its ecosystem.

DISC HR Solutions


Individual DISC and Coaching Reflection – $300

Develop Job Behaviors for 1 Job and Compare Report on 10 Candidates – $1,000

4 Hour Workshop –

  • Up to 10 people
  • Any of the 4 topics – Using for staff selection, conflict management, organizational development, or 10x communication of team members
  • $4,000 – virtual or add transportation and hospitality

Dr. Ron Tompkins has 22 endorsements (and growing) on LinkedIn for extensive experience in NonProfit leadership and coaching, Some of his impact is from using proven tools such as Scaling Up 4 Decisions and Extended DISC HR Solutions.

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