Our Values and Promises - TurnAround Executive Coaching

There are many consultants but TurnAround promises measurable impact and financials for Education Immigration LGBTQI and DEI agencies

Here are the Core Values that guide how we work with you and our promises to clients!


Our Mission

  • To co-architect good companies’ strategic plans through the 3rd year with leaders who lift the creative spirit or promote fairness. We give priority to NonProfits in Education, Immigration, LGBTQI, DEI and Civil Rights

Our Core Values

The coaching relationship with the ED/CEO is confidential and the relationship with the leadership team and Board of directors must be one of trust. Check out our values and let’s discuss anything where you have a question. Most of our work is invested in Consulting Education Immigration LGBTQI DEI communities. We also see our work largely with nonprofit/NGO agencies that face societal barriers within the NonProfit sector. These barriers exclude outsider directors from opportunities that leaders of NonProfits of privilege enjoy.

  • Lifetime Learning – You need to be smarter to have your job next year
  • Empower Outsider Directors – You know how to do your work. Solutions by the privileged are misguided at best. Coaching offers questions and accountability to unlock the power of your dreams and keep the main thing – the main thing
  • Diversity – Diversity solves intractable problems with justice and brings joy to the human experience
  • Stay Fair – I only continue contracts where I add value. I provide risk-free ways to try coaching so that a nonprofit mission will not suffer

Our Promise to You 

Coaching is a different experience for most NonProfits because it comes with promises as to what we will work with you to deliver. Consultants write reports, but Coaches promise results

  • 2-4% Annual Surplus for nonprofit or 6% for private company
  • 4 Payrolls in the bank
  • 2 days per week free for CEO to lead and plan
  • Measurable progress on Social Goals and coach awareness of consulting in Education LGBTQI, DEI, Civil Rights, Immigration, and Gender topics


Consulting Education LGBTQI DEI

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