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The Social Sector is a diamond exchange - working with precious Public Goods that the Market Economy considered stones

The Social Sector is a diamond exchange – working with precious Public Goods that the Market Economy considered stones

Social Sector tools empower leaders in a tough industry that generates 5% of the USA economy and hires 10% of the USA workforce

Infrastructure Research Tool

Work with the coach and Candid/Guidestar resources to compare your business model and salaries with those in the next level and set capacity goals

UNDP Alignment Tool

Compare your mission to the sustainability needs set out by the United Nations. Do you have common areas that may attract funders?

Fiscal Sponsor Tool

Build an ecosystem with Fiscal Sponsorship agreements

Rent Calculation Tool

What is a sustainable rent cap for your agency?

Right-Sizing Your NonProfit Tool

150 nonprofits climbed to $50+ million in 50 years. Other benchmarks are $6 million and $10 million. What is the right capacity goal for your nonprofit?

4 Policy-Governance Policies Tool

Policy Governance is a wonderful partner to Scaling Up tools and mindset. Develop your 4 key policy sets to create the optimal Board-Management team

UNDP Capacity Tool

This tools compares your capacity to United Nations Development Program standards. Understanding capacity needs prepares your agency for capacity building grants

B Corp, Public Benefit, 501 (c) 3, Conscious Capitalism, Effective Altruism, L3 Choices Tool

Which corporate form is best for your Social Sector mission?

Outcomes or Impact Measurement Tool

Government and nonprofits usually measure Money or Outcomes. What about Impact?

Thought Leaders for TurnAround Social Sector Coaching

Dennis Young on Capital Structure of NonProfits

Gregory Dees Social Entrepreneurship

It is a pleasure to recommend Turnaround Executive Coaching and especially its director Dr. Ron Tompkins.  I have known Ron for over 30 years and have watched his vocational success in the field of non-profit development.  His dedication coupled with his keen intelligence has produced a lifetime’s worth of thoughtful insight.  Ron also brings a gifted ability to teach and counsel.  Ron can help almost any leader willing to consider incorporating new skills and more fruitful outcomes.

Max Lopez-Cepero

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