Signs of NonProfit Trouble -

Are you ignoring or feeling uncomfortable about signs in the environment? Could these tools help you identify threats and opportunities?
Signs of NonProfit Trouble

We see many signs of NonProfit Trouble before it happens. How do we understand what these signs mean?

The emphasis of the Social Sector is not on what we can do – it’s on what people need. Coaching helps you scan the environment twice per year

We don’t have big margins so we don’t have a lot of room to make a mistake. This module studies the environment

Match your agency strategy to the changing environment

Weak Signals Tool

This tool is normally used twice per year to look for small signs of change ahead. Leaders often are so busy that they ignore and minimize weak signals.

Marketing/Network Map Tool

As you think of your current and projected programs, build a Marketing Map to see who is already in the space and what are the threats and opportunities. The network map version helps you build the ecosystem with partners.

Signs of NonProfit Trouble

In depth, later stage review for long-range understanding of 20 year vision

Scanning Competitive Environment Tool

How do others in your market space accomplish their mission and what opportunities does that provide for your agency?

Core Client Tool

Who is your core beneficiary of your agency? Fascinating tool because nonprofits are paid by one group to serve another group. Tensions ensue and you can watch for signs of NonProfit trouble.

Impact Gap Tool

This tool studies why your client needs aren’t already managed and what’s missing in current solutions by other agencies


Encyclopedic summary of Political, Economic, Social, Technological, and Environmental factors to consider in building the 3-Year strategy

Risk Landscape Tool

Risk Management study to understand threats to your agency and responses to manage the risks that lead to signs of NonProfit trouble

Industry Scan Tool

Studies growth rate and size of the nonprofit sector where your agency works. It estimates the degree of instability and signs of NonProfit trouble ahead

Thought Leaders for TurnAround Coaching and Consulting Environment Signals

Shannon Susko – Marketing

Vijay Govindarajan – Weak Signals

Ron often thought a step ahead of our groups and showed a good understanding in financial planning and execution. He was willing to spearhead into a new territory of the project, such as the new website development as in the case of e-commerce project, and mapped out the framework for planning the details, such as budgeting. Ron is keen at learning new knowledge that will further his decision making function at work.
I am sure he will bring forth his resourceful and insightful management skills to any organization that is in need of new business model and improving return on investment.

Jordan Wu, UX/UI Designer

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