NonProfit Sustainable Strategy

Key leaders create a Sustainable Strategy which drives revenue and impact for clients
NonProfit Sustainable Strategy

Outsider directors often must do nonprofit sustainable strategy planning without much training or models. Anxiety and discouragement are common.

The good news is that you can develop a disciplined approach to planning that improves as you repeat the planning cycle.

At TurnAround NonProfit Coaching and Consulting, we spend 75 hours with leaders during the year to introduce the tools and inspire vigorous planning and 10X success.

You cannot control the future but you can plan for it!

Key leaders create NonProfit Sustainable Strategy which drives revenue and impact for clients

NonProfit Sustainable Strategy is the 2nd of Four Decisions that every NonProfit leader must master. The other ‘Four Decisions’ are Right People, Flawless Execution, and Abundant Cash.

Critical Number Tool

Leaders can’t focus on everything at once. How do you choose a critical results number and a critical process number that has to succeed in NonProfit Sustainable Strategy?

3-Year Targets, 1-Year Goals Tool

What are 3 boxes that you consider in refining the 3-Year Targets and 1-Year goals?

Sandbox Tool

The secret to NonProfit success with revenue under $10 million is to define a niche.

Differentiating Activities Tool

NonProfits often are hard to distinguish from each other. They use functional names for services (ex, Clinic, Class, Food Distribution) and don’t think about any unique way to deliver the service. Improve brand loyalty with this tool

Innovation Tool

When is it the right time to consider new ways or new clients to serve? When is the Innovation Window open?

One Phrase Tool

IBM = ‘Think’. Nike = ‘Just Do It’. What’s your one phrase?

Innovation Capacity Tool

What capacity does your agency have to try something new? This tool reviews your talent, time and treasure to see what’s possible for the future

NonProfit Sustainable Strategy

Management Strategy Tool

If you have 5 or more managers working on Strategy, then ideas from Robert Grant’s thought leadership refine your work and focus your energy

MultiCapital Tool

This tool reminds the Board and Management that there are 7 sources and returns of capital. Financial is emphasized in a market economy but that is like looking at one facet and declaring that you have seen the diamond

Oodaloop Tool

Made famous by the pandemic, this tool turns your agency into a first responder for social sector emergencies

Risk Appetite Tool

Nonprofit leaders and Boards have more exposure to risk in normal circumstances than any other industry. How do we learn to become friends with risk? What is our risk appetite as we develop a NonProfit Sustainable Strategy? How does the Board get involved?

Words You Own Tool

In your sandbox, you want to be the first thing that people think of when a key word is mentioned. What words do you want to own?

NonProfit Sustainable Strategy

X Factor Tool

Sometimes you will face NonProfits of privilege. They have an inside track on contracts to be offered or interconnected boards. In those moments, is there a services bottleneck where you have a unique solution?

Thought Leaders for TurnAround NonProfit Coaching and Consulting on Sustainable Strategy

Vijay Govindarajan – many resources

Robert Grant – Contemporary Strategy Analysis

Ram Charan – many resources

Verne Harnish – many resources

Geoffrey Moore – Crossing the Chasm

Robert Nankervis – Propelling Performance

Richard Rumelt Good Strategy Bad Strategy

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