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Partnerships scale impact! Your client doesn't want 20 needs serviced by 20 providers. Coaching empowers ecosystems

Why is there Amazon instead of the butcher, the baker, and the candlestick maker?

Because ecosystems make sense to people. Even Tiffany’s sells food and home decor now! Find all the needs of your clients and decide if partners will improve your client experience

Every NonProfit already has partners but the choices and quality of the relationships are erratic. This toolset helps you define the partnerships in which to invest. You discuss how to negotiate differences in Core Values of Partners.

And finally consider if you need a vertical or horizontal merger to get your mission done with excellence

TurnAround Coaching Partner – Scaling Up with Verne Harnish

NonProfit Partnerships and mergers scale impact. Your clients expect ecosystems. You need partnerships to make it happen. Sometimes NonProfits merge to combine talent

Merger/Acquisition Potential Tool

When is a merger a great way to combine resources, 10X impact and improve efficiencies of scale? Take a page from the for-profit world. They collect the talent that they need to get success. NonProfit partnerships and mergers can scale in the same way Learn more here

Partnership Charter Tool

Partnerships fail regularly and a charter with key paragraphs can avoid half of all failures. Oddly enough, unexpected success in the partnership is the biggest cause of partnership friction. Learn how the Charter Tool reduces management time by predicting and handling stress points

Potential Partners Tool

What signals make for a good potential partner for your agency? This tool helps you look at possibilities and narrow the field for NonProfit Partnerships and mergers that will scale.

When NonProfits Divide Tool

What are some reasons to spin off a nonprofit into a separate organization? Do you have several successful departments in your NonProfit? This tool considers partnership in reverse with spinoffs.

Partnerships scale NonProfit Impact

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