Marketing NonProfits

Funder Relationships are critical. If no one knows about your NonProfit, you won't get clients or funding. These tools create a plan
Marketing NonProfits

Are you irritated because you keep losing contracts for which your agency is best qualified? NonProfits of privilege have spent decades building and nourishing a network map. Outsider directors can do the same thing with TurnAround Coaching and Consulting.

If nonprofits want a voice, they have to position themselves carefully with funders and with the public.

Marketing and NonProfit Funder Relationships are often related to Development. Click here to explore the Development Module

Who does funder relationships in your NonProfit ? Marketing NonProfits is critical to impact and growth


How many choices does your client have if they don’t come to you? Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement Tool helps you see your nonprofit service from the client’s mind


How do you build trust with clients? This tool measures what you know about your client in 4 dimensions. Build stronger relationships

Merit Goods and Fee for Service Goods Tool

Do you have a service that is good for people but they don’t accept it much? Use this marketing tool to decide how to create your public message

Media Event Tool

Everyone needs media for their event. How do you make media part of your marketing plan for the next event?

Objections Playbook Tool

What the top 10 reasons that people give to refuse your service? Jack Daly inspired this tool and it gives you a way to respond

What to Cut Back in Trouble Tool

Every agency tries some programs that don’t fill. This tool explores how much of a funder contract will really impact the leadership and overall agency

Communication Channels Tool

What are the communication channels for your nonprofit? Where do the people in your sandbox go for information?

Funder Relationships

Build Network Map Tool

How to set a goal and expand your network map and influence

Sales Goal Tool

Do you need to serve X percentage of your contract capacity in order to receive the full contract? Do you have a fee for service program? Set some seasonal goals to make sure you get all of the resources you deserve

Marketing Flywheel Tool

Does your Front Desk register your clients with same message that the program staff plan to deliver? Get everyone on the same message and take the sand out of the system!

Funder Relationships

Contract Funders Tool

How do you compete for contracts against nonprofits of privilege? This tool explores political and governmental channels that you need to join

Thought Leaders for TurnAround Coaching for this Marketing and NonProfit Funders Module

Denise Lee Yohn, Fusion; What Great Brands Do

Jack Daly, Sales Playbook

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