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Leader needs counseling? Yes! Leaders absorb fear and project hope. Who coaches them in the dark hours before they have to do their job?

Leader Needs counseling? NonProfits are complex and leaders must absorb fear and promote hope.

Leadership Development is critical for NonProfits because most leaders are promoted from program positions.

Leadership Tools and the crucible of everyday experience are the best way to learn and lead

7 CEO Financials Tool

Get your income statement reduced to 7 critical numbers and control your departments and agency with confidence

Labor Efficiency Ratio Tool

What are sustainable labor costs for program staff at your agency? There’s a simple tool to find out and then monitor managers as they hire, assign work schedules and offer wages.

Questions for Starting a NonProfit Tool

If you’re planning a long-term nonprofit (30+ years), this tool asks questions to get things ready for the launch

Time Value Tool

Do your leaders spend most of their time on the tasks that add the most value? This tool reduces small value activities of managers

Stakeholders Tool

Who are the stakeholders in various programs? What will it take to make them more than satisfied? Who has priority?

Fair Pay Tool

Fair pay is not a motivator but it is a satisficer (required). How do you know that your compensation schedule is fair?

Staff Productivity Tool

Managers need plans to develop an A team and manage players who want to stay at B or C performance

5 Keys Leadership Overview Tool

Who is on the team now and who will be on 3 years from now? What changes in 5 key responsibilities are in motion? Which leader needs development opportunities to stay an extra year?

Thought Leaders for TurnAround NonProfit Coaching and Consulting Leadership Tools

Verne Harnish – The Scaling Up Expert

Jim Collins – Building the agency

I have worked with other coaches and that work had its’ place, this relationship will be long-lasting because I trust that we can achieve our BHAG and all of the wins along the way with Ron’s business smarts and the way he connects.

VanNessa Duckett, President, Polite Piggys

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