Right People - 1st Decision -

Are you worried about hiring and developing great staff? The most important 20 year decision you will make

Hire great staff and invest in the Right People to10X your agency. 10X your life!

Hire great staff! This has more long-term impact than any other module

Right People is the 1st of Four Decisions that every NonProfit leader must master. The other ‘Four Decisions’ are Sustainable Strategy, Flawless Execution, and Abundant Cash.

Actions to Live By Tool

Values for an agency are useless if they don’t define behavior. After you know your mission and core values, start to define the rules to live by.

Staff Cost/Benefit Tool

Agencies in the $6-$10 million range in revenue can hire unneeded staff and never notice. The Cost/Benefit Tool assesses the current need for a position.

Johari Window Tool

This tool is for teams who will lean into the danger to share more about themselves and others on the team. Self-disclosure always and risk and rich rewards for self and agency

Cost of Mis-Hire Calculator Tool

You hear many reasons why someone should not be fired — “She’s so dedicated”, “He’s the only one who knows how to turn on the furnace”. This tool looks at the cost of keeping those staff members

5 Whys Do I get Paid? Tool

Most job descriptions are so complex that the staff member has no idea of what to do.

OnBoarding Tool

Poor onboarding wrecks morale and motivation. Most staff give a percentage of what they were willing to give when hired. This tool creates a managerial plan to 10X staff impact with Onboarding EX

Diversity Tool

Diversity is more than toleration. This tool introduces risk-taking to think about ways to empower diversity on a team

Mediocre Staff Development Tool

Many staff learn and grow in a job. And some don’t. This tool looks at ways to push staff higher or out.

Functional Accountability Chart Tool

Midsized nonprofits feel pressured to give 2-3 functions to one job position. This tool looks at that idea and how well it’s working as you hire good staff.


Managers must balance Client Experience (CX), Employee Experience (EX), and Impact Experience (IX). How does this start with Onboarding and get regular reinforcement?

Network Assessment Tool

Are managers building the essential network map to get their job done with excellence?

Staff Risk Inventory Tool

Are your B and C staff nuisances or destroying agency value? Are your A staff getting enough investment from you?

Talent Assessment Tool

Your team has A, B, and C level staff. Do you have enough A level to control the culture? Do you have a plan to develop B and exit C? Hire good staff!

Compensation Tool

What factors help you set a fair and generous compensation for a position?

Work Plan Review Tool

The Performance Platform has a quarterly self assessment tool to prepare priorities and KPIs for the next period

Thought Leaders for TurnAround NonProfit Coaching and Consulting Right People Tools

Dick Grote – Appraisals and Staff Development

Verne Harnish – Compensation

It’s clear to me that Ronald possesses extensive knowledge and skills relative to non-profit leadership, management, governance and finances. His understanding of the ins and outs of operating an organization in difficult times with difficult challenges is impressive. I would recommend him as a mentor, teacher or consultant to anyone interested in navigating the world of non-profit management.

Diane Brown – Executive Director, Community Foundation for South Central New York

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