Fundraising and Development -

Fundraising can be frantic and fruitless if you don't go where the money is. Who has the funds that your nonprofit needs?

Fundraising and Development – Either develop shallow relationships with a large network for small gifts or develop deep relationships with a small network for large gifts.

GoFundMe campaigns are great for raising money is crisis, but most NonProfits have a slow rolling crisis that needs different cash, Who has the cash that you need?

Outsider Teams need to choose financing carefully to balance use of energy and results received

10 Ways to Attract Government Funding Tool

Outsider Directors need to find or create networks and processes that are obvious to nonprofits of privilege. It’s a struggle – coaching gets you through the disappointments and rejections — but you can do it!

Key Development Processes for Outside Directors Tool

What to do with the tension between funders demands and empowerment needs of clients?

Since TurnAround coaching works with Outsider Directors, we often see that the donor doesn’t understand the needs of clients. Sometimes, contracts and grants encourage a victim status for recipients.

10 Step Foundation Review Tool

Fundraising and Development – Assess which grants make sense for your organization. Do you need a program grant or another type? Does your data match what will be required by the grant? What is your grant range?

10 Ways to Support a NonProfit Tool

Money is one way. Have you tried the other 9?

Grant Calendar Tool

The one call you don’t want to get is the Funder ‘What did you do with my allocation?’ This tool records the details of who you asked, why you asked, and what to say 🙂

Virtual Fund Raiser Schedule Tool

What are the elements of a successful virtual fundraiser?

Thought Leaders for TurnAround Coaching and Consulting on Fundraising and Development

David Sandler – Relationships with Funders

Can’t Raise Cash Through No Vault of Your Own?


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