Overworked Directors and Execution -3rd Decision -

Are you an overworked director? Execution is where NonProfit Strategy goes to die. Flawless Execution 10x social impact and surplus for expansion

Overworked Directors need Execution tools to free up their time for planning and leadership.

Execution is where strategy goes to die.

Of the 4 Decisions, Cash is most urgent, People is most important, and Flawless Execution is what frees up time for overworked directors

Flawless Execution is the 3rd of Four Decisions that every NonProfit leader must master. The other ‘Four Decisions’ are Right People, Sustainable Strategy, and Abundant Cash. Click on each title to check out the Four Decisions!

13 Points of Success Tool

After you set your priorities for the quarter, this tool asks you to develop 2-5 Smart actions per week and gives you 13 chances to succeed. How can you lose?

13 Weeks Midpoint Tool

Gather the leadership team at the 6-week mark in the quarter and see what is preventing wins. Help each other so that everyone ends the quarter with success!

Data Capture Tool

Data and data analysis are complicated topics. This tool helps a Board or Management Team start with some simple questions

Artifacts for Branding Tool

What are the visible or tangible items for your agency which remind everyone of your Mission and Core Values?

Priorities Tool

In complex jobs, there still has to be less than 5 priorities. This tool explores how to find them

5-Beat Rhythm Communication Tool

Communication is vital in a nonprofit. The 5-Beat Rhythm reduces friction (possibly more than anything else)

Intellectual Property Tool

For most nonprofits, all that we have to offer is wisdom called ‘intellectual property’. What is your’s?

Start-Stop-Keep Tool

A simple tool for program managers to use before quarterly planning.

Network Mapping Tool

Every staff member in a nonprofit can 10X their impact with a good rolodex. This tool helps overworked directors build one for their team.

Game It to Win It Tool

Humans love games. And they are one great tool to motivate our best work. Mix in some fun!

NonProfit Key Processes Tool

There are 14 key processes in a nonprofit. Nonprofits under $5 million revenue have to choose Flawless Execution in 3 processes and accept fines in others. This tools helps leaders make difficult choices.

10X Service Delivery Tool

People are accustomed to easy-to-use services from large companies. This tool explores areas in your nonprofit where overworked directors can 10X service delivery

Overworked directors

Work Plan Quarterly Review Tool

Long-term successful managers need coaching more than supervision. This tool helps managers self-reflect on the past quarter and priorities.

Net Promoter Score Tool

Fred Reichheld developed this method to find out what clients are thinking about your nonprofit. Collect the data iteratively and see where the trends are.

Rockefeller Habits Tool

Verne Harnish studied the life of one of the best Americans in business – John D. Rockefeller. Ask your leadership team to explore the 10 Rockefeller Habits and choose one to improve

Work Breakdown Structure Tool

Any meeting with more than 30 clients present needs a Work Breakdown Structure. Your Flawless Execution will amaze the public

Overworked directors

WWW Tool

Overworked directors find that many good ideas in planning never get owned by anyone. Prevention is simple

Organizational Structure Tool

What type of leadership structure does your nonprofit need? Simple processes such as meal service and complicated process such as clinic services require different management structures

Political Support Tool

What happens when your nonprofit activity has to navigate politicians and their power base?

Overworked directors

Theme Development Tool

At times, a theme can pull together a whole organization and protect a new success

Overworked Directors

Data Security Tool

Storing and converting data in ways to limit liability and loss

Overworked Directors

Thought Leaders for TurnAround NonProfit Coaching and Consulting Flawless Execution

Victoria Medvec – Negotiation/Management

Fred Reichheld – Net Promoter Score

Overworked Directors

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