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Many Boards of Directors aren't sure what to do with their 1,000 minutes per year of volunteer service. Coaching and Consulting makes a difference!

A Scaling Up Board that understands Strategic Plan Review, Weak Signals, Fundraising Networking, Celebrations, and Succession Planning will 10x the 10 year agency impact

Many Boards of Directors aren’t sure what to do with their 1,000 minutes per year of volunteer service. These tools make the job doable, challenging, and worthwhile.

Ends Policies

Board Member Duties – What are the 3 basic ways that your agency will accomplish its mission? How will the Board measure results? It all starts here!

Executive Limitations Tool

The Executive Director should have complete freedom to do what it takes = as long as they don’t cross the Board red lines. What are those? 60 suggestions here inspired by Carver and Policy Governance

Board Inspired Celebrations Tool

The agency needs to celebrate success. Boards have several tools to use their office and 10x the joy and importance of the occasion

Board Member Duties

Board Impact Per Y Tool

How does the Board measure the efficiency of management in obtaining the required social impact? 5 models to discuss

Board Member Duties

Board Stakeholder Strategy Tool

For Boards with more than 15 members. This tool follows thought from Robert Grant on Strategy and has choices for Board to deepen their impact apart from Compliance and Fundraising

Board Network Map Tool

What rolodex can your Board create to assist management?

Board Skills/Experience Assessment and Growth Tool

What 10 basic board functions are weak? How can your Board grow intentionally just like Management hires for new positions? Board member duties made simple

Board Behavior Assessment Tool (Board Member Duties)

How many meetings does each Board member miss? And other necessary questions to pass around each year for self-assessment

Executive Director Compliance Statement Tool

Lack of due diligence can pierce the veil and expose Directors to liability. One way to reduce is a regular compliance statement by the Executive Director

Board Member Expectations Tool (Board Member Duties)

Choose expected board member behaviors from a list of possibilities. Each board is unique

Board Member Duties

Board Member Orientation Tool

What knowledge, resource access and expectations will a new board member have to obtain? How will it happen? How will they feel comfortable at their first meeting?

Board Member Duties
Board Member Duties

Board Member Application Tool

A sample form that is easy to modify for the unique needs of your Board of Directors. Board member duties made simple

Board Member Duties

Board Management Discussion and Analysis (MD&A) Tool

Save time at Board meetings for reports on client impact, strategy, celebration, and fund raising. The Executive Director submits this report a week in advance for Board Members update on activities and risk management. Due diligence in action.

Board Member Duties

Board Operations or Governance Tool (Board Member Duties)

How long do you expect your nonprofit to last? Are Board Members asked to work with clients directly? There are 2 very different ways of building a Board and this tool offers options

Board Member Duties

Thought Leaders for TurnAround NonProfit Coaching and Consulting for Board Management

The Carvers – Board Policy Management

Ram Charan – Public Board specialist with Non Profit lessons!

Beverly Behan – Public Board specialist with Non Profit lessons!

Polite Piggy’s Day Camp, Inc. hired Ron Tompkins as our Scaling Up coach. With laser accuracy, Ron works with key members of the team in their area of talent and then we plan together, retool when necessary and celebrate wins as we navigate our plan.

VanNessa Duckett, Washington, D.C.

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