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Are you a stressed nonprofit leader? Discouraged about plans? Plans will change. But planning is everything!

Basic Strategy Help – Leaders are impatient to skip the Core and get to Strategy. Don’t build a house on sand

Basic strategy helps gets everyone on the same page. These tools write the page

Social Sector One Page Strategic Plan Tool

The famous tool that simplified strategic planning and attached planning and execution

20 Year Vision Tool

Made famous by Jim Collins, this tool visions what a 20-year sustainable vision can be and sets the stage for seven 3-Year strategic plans

Brand Promise Tool

What are the 3 promises that you will make to stakeholders? What is the brand promise guarantee that you will make for the Lead Promise?

Business Models Tool

Which of 10 business models will you use to build your nonprofit?

Vision Summary Tool

Each leader on the team takes part of the Strategic Plan and is responsible for their own vision summary.

3-Year Targets Tool

Questions to ask as you build 3-Year Strategic Targets to propose to the Board

7 Strata Tool

If you reduce Scaling Up to the One Page Strategic Plan – then you can reduce one more time to the 7 Strata Tool – the core of the core!!

Profit Per X, Impact Per Y Tool

What circumstances drive your best profit? That’s Profit Per X. What circumstances result in the best use of resources for client results? That’s Profit Per Y

Purpose Tool

Three foundations of a strong purpose statement for a nonprofit

Client Results Tool

Set leading and lagging indicators to measure success with clients

Core Values Tool

We hire for skills and fire for values. Basic strategy help builds Core Values that are vital to the agency instead of a visual in the Annual Report

Reputation Results Tool

Consider the three audiences that spread the reputation of your agency. How can you shape the results with those groups?

Social Values Tool

Core Values for NonProfits are not simply for internal behavior – they also involve Social Values that define our Partnerships

……we have worked for a 2-year project in Phnom Penh. His management was not only beneficial to organization but to everyone. More than work, he was somehow likely good consultant to everyone. His plenty of involvement in most of field at work was simplifying flows of work. He was very helpful to urge and encourage to move for the peak and achieve work. In addition, he is very keen to open to everyone for any new ideas and innovation in order to be discussed during work and meeting.

Ney Sivansak – Head of Section – Project Procurement Office Electricite Du Cambodge

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