NonProfit Budget - Abundant Cash - 4th Decision

Many NonProfit leaders know that they need cash, but are uncertain. If you don't have tools or training, you need simple coaching tools to win

Are you anxious about losing staff to NonProfits of privilege that can pay more? New staff walk away and dedicated staff lose morale when there is no paycheck.

If you need to turnaround your nonprofit, this module has priority.

There are many NonProfit consultants that help you count the cash but TurnAround Coaching and Consulting helps you find it with a NonProfit budget and more

Abundant Cash is the 4th of Four Decisions that every NonProfit leader must master. The other ‘Four Decisions’ are Right People, Sustainable Strategy, and Flawless Execution.

17 Cash Sources Tool

When things are bleak, we run the 17 sources of 90 days of cash tool. This allows you to make payroll while there is serious planning about a quick win in the 2nd 90 days.

990 Analysis Tool

Choose an agency in your nonprofit sector and use this tool to compare your 990 history with theirs. What is their Labor Efficiency Ratio? What % of total payroll is spent on leadership? Fascinating for decision-making.

5-Year Financials Tool

Program your assumptions for revenue and expense in each of the next 5 years. Watch the formulas drive balance sheet and cash flow projections and keep making adjustments.

Cash Conversion Cycle Tool

Reduce the impact of paying bills on government contracts that don’t plan to pay this year.

Core Capital Stress Test Tool

Using the 4 requirements for capital reserve, game out normal, economy, and disaster scenarios to see if you can survive the stress.

3-Year Program Budget Tool

Each program fills in 5 years of historical data and then creates 5 NonProfit budget income statement scenarios – optimistic, pessimistic, and target for Year 1, and then 1 scenario each for Years 2 and 3

CEO Budget Allocations Tool

When programs start to allocate leadership and other costs across a variety of programs and contracts, this tool gives the CEO an easy way to understand and make decisions with the finance team.

NonProfit Budget

Finance and Accounting Processes Tool

All nonprofits should aim for Flawless Execution in 3 Processes. Many nonprofits emphasize Accounting or Finance or both. This tool suggests procedures to include.

Financing the Strategy Tool

Nonprofits have narrow margins and limited equity and debt funding. This tool starts conversation about the sources of launch capital for new programs

Four Capital Cash Requirements Tool

Crabtree suggest that the reserve fund satisfies 4 different cash needs and this tool starts a discussion of the total required cash on hand.

Fraud Assessment Tool

There are only 50 ways to commit fraud (according to Joseph Wells). This tool helps leaders close the 5 most dangerous potential frauds for their agency.

NonProfit Budget

Finance and Accounting Calendar Tool

This is another tool to perfect Flawless Execution in Finance and Accounting. The tool helps you to create a calendar of required events and when the CEO or board should check.

Matching Cash Use to Source Tool

At different stages of your agency life cycle, your quest for types and amounts of cash will change.

Risky Money Tool

Sometimes this tool advises you to turn away from a grant, contracts or gifts that you can obtain.

Self-Funded Growth Rate Tool

Work backward with this tool to see what you need to do this year to provide the launch capital that you need next year

Sources for Startup Capital Structure Tool

Many nonprofits start with great hope for gifts and grants. This tool asks about 10 sources for nonprofit start up and 25 other options for B Corp or Public Benefit Corporations

NonProfit Budget

Program Directors Simple Budget Planning Tool

Perfect for Program Directors with limited financial training as they fill in teachers, rate, and schedule and match that to revenue, OTPS1, and contribution margin. The NonProfit budget generates itself!

Doing Bad Cash Decisions Analysis Tool

From Ronald Tompkins’ book of the same name, this tool reviews common areas that create stability in the Accounting and Finance function.

Plotting Strategy Against Finance for Clarity Tool

In strategic planning, this tool positions various options on a chart that plots how much cash will be required and how much impact the project will return

Thought Leaders for TurnAround NonProfit Coaching and Consulting Cash Decision

Greg Crabtree – Necessary reading!

John Zietlow – Financial Policies

Timothy Jury – Cash Flow

Joseph Wells – Fraud and Internal Controls

Dennis Young Financing NonProfits

Kenneth Marks Financing Growth

Alex Nicholls Social Finance

Ron Tompkins speaks at an OpCon panel on NonProfit accounting

Cash and NonProfit Budget Tools

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