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TurnAround NonProfit Coaching Consulting Toolset empowers leaders who are anxious about funding and frustrated by complex jobs

Each NonProfit Coaching Consulting Toolset builds the TurnAround Performance Platform. The Platform is an Excel tool that is customized for each client and 10X communication and accountability.

The TurnAround Performance Platform Excel tool is only available in Platinum and Gold memberships.

The NonProfit coaching and consulting toolset in each module is available in the 4 memberships – Platinum, Gold, Ruby, or Sapphire. Click here to see Membership Options

There are also workshops each month that introduce tools from the toolset. Workshop tools are available individually and the schedule is at this link

TurnAround Coaching uses a NonProfit toolset that gives leaders decision support for new sustainability and impact. The tools are grouped in 13 categories

Environment Module

Frustrated leaders rarely want tools from this module at the beginning of the relationship. That’s fine for the 1st year. You probably have enough good guesses to make other modules a first priority. The reality for sustainability is that the economy is unstable. Also, NonProfit margins are too thin to tolerate failure.

The Environment Tools help you to start a systematic scan twice per year. This module is essential to scale or have long term sustainability.

Core Module

The first coaching session is normally 16 hours over two days. You need a good first draft of the TurnAround Strategic Plan.

With TurnAround Coaching, we want you to have a Quick Win in the 2nd quarter after Strategic work begins. The Core Module is a selection of tools from various modules that are urgently needed to build confidence and direction in the Leadership Team and Board.

Right People 1st Decision Module

The people who got you here may not be the people to get you there if your goal is grow or solve a long-time problem or 10x impact. These tools start sensitive discussions about the right people for the way forward.

Coaching is critical with People tools because Agency talent needs shift. Some dearly loved staff will feel out of place as the NonProfit scales. Many coaching conversations with EDs/CEOs are about transitioning people to get the mix that serves clients best. And some tools help with onboarding or developing staff with new capacity.

Sustainable Strategy 2nd Decision Module

The key to relevance is a vision to solve a big problem and break it into 3-Year Strategic Plans. Those plans need appropriate measurement because NonProfits face volatile environments. These tools help you think about decisions that are needed for plans and planning to be sustainable.

Flawless Execution 3rd Decision Module

Senior management creates strategy reviewed by the Board. Middle management creates Flawless Execution which reduces costs and friction to 10X impact and cash for new projects

Abundant Cash 4th Decision Module

Nonprofits have a complicated capital structure with cash coming in from different sources and cash often spent 18 months before being received. These tools empower control of the balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement

NonProfit Coaching Consulting Toolset

Leadership Module

Executive Directors have a complex job to absorb fear, project confidence, and maintain overall control of diverse activities. Every day contains unrelated pressure points that you will face and handle. How do you bring together and simplify the challenges and data to make wise decisions and absorb the fear sucessfully?

These tools are the essential part of the coaching relationship with the ED/CEO

NonProfit Coaching Consulting Toolset

Social Sector Module

Nonprofits are businesses and many tools are generic. At the same time, thin margins and high commitment to mission create unique NonProfit needs. This module has tools to start decisions on specific nonprofit responsibilities such as measuring impact

NonProfit Coaching Consulting Toolset

Board Module

Many Board members are uncertain of their vital role. Compliance is assumed but these tools explore the strategic role. Also, there are tools for networking, succession, and celebrations role (and some fraud protection too)

NonProfit Coaching Consulting Toolset

Marketing and Funder Relationships Module

These tools think about the network map that your agency and leaders need. While donor relationships are important, donations only account for about 10% of most NonProfit agency revenue. We assist you to build a network map that develops relationships with all of your capital sources

Additionally, other tools focus on client attitudes and how your service can be publicized effectively.

NonProfit Coaching Consulting Toolset

Partnerships and Mergers Module

Successful nonprofits build ecosystems since clients will have many needs. Although someone comes to you for emergency housing, they may also need food or medical care. Sometimes that is partnerships. It can also be mergers or acquisitions of private companies

NonProfit Coaching Consulting Toolset

Development Module

This module has tools to develop the capital structure for a nonprofit. We normally recommend three sources for any nonprofit under $10 million in revenue.

We don’t have the capacity to coach on small gift campaigns such as email campaigns or annual galas. But we have partners who can evaluate and assist for Donor Advised Funds or Foundation grants

NonProfit Coaching Consulting Toolset

Volunteers Module

Volunteers are one of seven important resources for nonprofits. With all the volunteer energy that is available, many NonProfit leaders still experience mediocre results from volunteers. This module has a nonProfit coaching consulting toolset for productive volunteer relationships.

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