The Check That’s Not in the Mail!

Nonprofits under $6 million in revenue are sometimes labeled as in the ‘Valley of Death.’ That’s a term from the for-profit sector (Greg Crabtree et al.) and it refers to the need to scale up administration fast even when you can’t afford the cost of hr, legal, and marketing. Infrastructure cash problems often disappear at the… Read More

I can’t Fire Him. I’m Scared!

I had a job search in 1988 and finally got an interview for an executive position. I would be 2nd in command to a leader who planned a five year window for retirement. I was flown to Washington and then Philadelphia for interviews. The interviewers stressed that I would have considerable power. What’s not to… Read More

Political Capacity – Do Good and Avoid Jail

How can you secure government grants and avoid prison in the midst of a corrupt state or other regulatory environment? New York nonprofits and many others are famously susceptible to fraud. The NY literature (NPQ:02/2014) is filled with names of politicians such as Shirley Huntley, Efrain Gonzalez, jr. Sheldon Silver, Hiram Monserrate, Pedro Espada, fr.,… Read More

A Computer is About to Terminate Your Strategic Plan

Most strategic plans assume a static future where the basic costs and use of labor remain the same. That is a critically false assumption. Machine learning started in the 1990s. Anthony Goldbloom states that machines were trained to look at credit applications and determine a score. Since then the trend line was arithmetic but recently… Read More

Your Company Assets Just Went Home for the Night

Abstract CEOs need to invest intentionally and annually in professional development for key staff in order to achieve the objectives of the Strategic Plan.   Adding a New Asset Many nonprofits are service industry corporations with few fixed assets.*  That means the success of your company is the result of your wise use of two… Read More

You Choose – Discover Non Profit Theft or Prevent It

Summary Fraud is a persistent cancer in the non profit world. Local news in New York City reported another fraud of $1 million as the director redirected funds for his mortgage. Just as with other cancers, prevention is cheaper and easier than cure.   This cancer is much larger than officially reported. Many nonprofit boards… Read More

When Government No Longer Loves You

Synopsis: If you have noticed that fewer government RFPs are arriving for your mission, it’s a possible sign that political priorities have changed and your great agency no longer has a private key to the statehouse. This article proposes 4 ways a nonprofit can respond to cuts in contract funding. Background Higher Education is a… Read More

Cash That Buys Time

Somebody who reads this article needs cash today. Without cash, you don’t have time to fund raise, to borrow, or to think. You can’t increase your services because you have no cash to advertise. You may even be profitable – but slow payers are strangling your cash. You have one more source of cash –… Read More

Your Age Versus Your Strategic Plan

They say that your 20’s are about career discernment, 30’s – overcoming failure, 40’s – accumulating money, 50’s – accumulating power, and 60’s – guarding reputation. While there is no perfect age for leadership, strategic planning is always about managing risk. Age tends to dampen our risk appetite. It’s a reasonable feeling. I started a company… Read More