What happens when the economy shrinks? Does it mean that you lose business and nonprofits lose gifts and contracts?

Yes, it is likely. I just decided to cut back my personal expenses because I’m afraid of Trump, Brexit, and the USA deficit. When millions of people start to feel the same way, they all start to save more and pay off loans, and spend less. They give less. And government shrinks too.

Income problems ahead are likely

In my own business, I just lost a $100,000 contract that I was certain was going to be signed. Am I disappointed? Sure – I took a day off to recover 😊  Am I defeated? No, because I’ve got a top grade leadership team and we’re already in action to survive and thrive. You can’t let yourself be paralyzed in this decade but I know it’s hard to fight the feeling!

Business and Nonprofits have to prepare for challenges ahead. These growth barriers are not impossible to manage even though many NGOs (nonprofits) and businesses fail during recessions.

People are asking me — How can I lead my business so that I’m still standing and even stronger than before when there is a cash problem?

In the webinar, you will work on new routines to take charge when bad news threatens. Frequently your first feelings are not going to help you, but you need to turn confusion into control.

This webinar introduces 10 skillsets that prepare you for action in times of trouble. It’s great for an entire leadership team and board to join since the cost is free. Invest in your entire team since you all need to be on the same page when trouble strikes.

My goal is to give you tools to save your company. We don’t know the future but we can prepare for the future.

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