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Since most nonprofit leaders haven’t seen a four hour workweek since Kindergarten — it’s a tempting fad right now.  Tim Ferris promises it in a book that has topped all charts on Amazon. Could it work for us? Imagine ……..704_3484856

  • Food provider? – Drop ship to client house and save onsite labor!
  • Counseling? – Make an app that clients can use themselves with a 5 minute phone consultation at the end.
  • Education? – On demand videos and educational games online!


Sorry —- Getting your NonProfit turned around requires passion and labor. If it were easy, you wouldn’t need us!

Does it ever get easier? Definitely, yes. I say that from experience.

  • After you fill your company with people that you would enthusiastically rehire, you will have more skills available from people who work together. Magical!
  • After you have clarity and discipline in your strategy, your leadership team energy will waste less energy on projects that are not that critical. Magical!!
  • After you have created a coaching system with staff that reduces errors and eradicates your time to repair problems, you double your leadership time. Magical!!!
  • After the nonprofit starts to turn around in the 2nd quarter, your cash improves and you sleep at night. Magical!!!!

I’m not sure about the 4 hour workweek. Frankly, I’d be bored. But I can promise you a normal workweek with time for fun and family – and the chance to do good too!

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PS. This link is a critique of the 4 Hour workweek.

The 4 Hour Workweek Mindset

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