Cash Needed? Somebody who reads this article needs cash today.

Without cash, you don’t have time to fund raise, to borrow, or to think. You can’t increase your services because you have no cash to advertise. You may even be profitable – but slow payers are strangling your cash.

You have one more source of cash – collecting cash that people owe to you.

Are You in the Banking Business by Accident?

Most of us allow government and clients to get our services and pay later. The bank calls that a no interest loan. Here’s an example.  Let’s say that your budget is $1 million and you offer job training where most of the expense is paid by the government. Clients pay for daycare for their kids while they take the training.

  • Assume that 90% of your cash is received after you provide and bill for your job training services and daycare. Assume that it takes another 2 months to actually get the money. Your financial report every month shows about $225,000 as the accounts receivable. Use this formula.  90% of your budget of $1,000,000 is paid late and you carry $225,000 (3 months) constantly in bills that people have not paid. You need that cash now for payroll and rent!
  • The formula is (90%*$1,000,000)/ (225,000)  = 4.
  • You are accidentally in the banking business! 90% of your customers slipped a no interest loan into the services you provided. That number 4 should be much higher or negative.
  • Divide the number of days in a year (365) by 4 and the answer shows that you wait 91 days on average to get paid. This can put you out of business! If you can reduce to 60 days to get paid, you have just added $75,000 to your bank balance!
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How can you get your $75,000 for cash needed now?

  • Discount for immediate payment. If you are paying 7% on a line of credit while you wait for your money, it makes more sense to offer a 5% discount for full payment. Cash will start coming in this week. We needed cash and offered a 5% discount for the tuition paid in full. To my amazement, one person came in and paid $19,000 immediately. We would have paid 7% on our line of credit.
  • Require a deposit. It raises your number 4 and reduces the amount of missing money. A deposit means you are collecting money before service is provided. Landlords always charge rent for the month ahead, the security deposit and the last month’s rent. They reverse the cash and are borrowing 90 days of cash from their tenants at no interest!
  • Require payment today for services today. You are no longer in the banking business. A simple model.
  • Develop a relationship with all the government agency secretaries. Learn the names of their kids and what they hope to do on vacation. They have power. One secretary took our claim and quietly moved it to the top of a big pile. Relationships make a difference!

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Can you stop being the government’s bank?

Not 100%. But you will find with daily calls and emails, cash needed will arrive much sooner than patiently waiting. And all of these ideas are simple enough to start today. Why are you waiting? Get your cash!

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